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The convening of the Sixth Tibet Work Symposium has provided strong policy measures and safeguards to promote Tibet's development and long-term stability. Tibet ShuTai Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 . The company is located in the snow-capped mountains plateau Lhasa City, Long Industrial Park, is currently the only professional large diameter PE / PP double-wall corrugated pipe manufacturers in Tibet.


Tibet is known as "the roof of the world". National policy support in recent years, increasing efforts to develop, but the Tibetan plateau unique natural conditions makes much harder for setting a company.  Such as low temperature, low pressure, much thinner oxygen and other unique physical conditions .Shu Tai Industrial after careful investigation, they chose to use SUBA high speed HDPE DWC pipe production line . SUBA machinery taking into account the use of mechanical equipment conditions and changes in the environment, the original design in the plains of the use of equipment in the high altitude environment, its performance and reliability and service life will be a great change, so the host from the device The selection of the motor, the electrical components, and the special design of the cooling, cooling and hydraulic systems, and the like. Plastic Pa mechanical high-speed water-cooled PE / PP double-wall corrugated pipe production line really take root plateau, snow-based foothold.


Tibet Shu Tai Industrial also by virtue of SUBA machinery high quality machine, looks  to the future, with top-level products and quality services to establish a corporate brand image for the green building materials and the development of municipal infrastructure contribution to their own .

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