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Doubl Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

 SUBA High Speed Water Cooling Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line



  Main Adwantage:

  1.Environmentally Friendly

  2.Low Temperature and Pressure Extrusion

  3.Low Maintenance

  4.Less Downtime

  5.Less Energy Consumption



The PE/PP double wall corrugated pipe production line made by Qingzhou SUBA Machinery Co.,Ltd,can be used for the pipe production diameter range from OD160mm to ID1000mm,including single wall corrugated pipes,double wall corrugated pipes(with online flaring), different shapes pipes,special requirements deformed corrugated pipes and so on.

Excellent design brings you perfect solutions:


l Internal forced water cooling speeds up the pipe forming;

l Slot type dies installation speeds up the dies replacement, one person can replace a pair of small size dies in one minute;

l All size dies are with the same center height,so the restarting interval time is very short after replacing different size dies.

More steady!!!

lThe perfect optimization of dies running track allows the dies to run more smoothly and reduces the impact;

lBecause of the fixed connection of the internal cooling water route,there is no need to disassemble interface when replacing dies , preventing water leakage;

lDouble hydraulic, double knife cutting machine achieve the real automatic cutting and transportation.

Save more!!!

  The perfect comprehensive optimization of the perfect waterway, dies and surface treatment reduces the machine installed capacity and speeds up pipe production. It saves 30% of the cost of energy and manpower per unit pipe.



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